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Mid-America Bldg. Products - Gable, Utility, & Ridge Vents

Mid-America Bldg. Products - Gable, Utility, & Ridge Vents

Product Summary

Mid-America Gable Vents offer key features that have become the benchmark in the industry. Our patented snap-on trim ring provides a beautiful finished appearance once the vent has been installed, hiding rough cuts and reducing installation time.

Our series of roof vents, including RidgeMaster®, RidgeMaster® Plus, and HipMaster® ensures optimum ventilation, superior weather protection and great looks. Rugged crush-proof construction with our durable copolymer combines with protection that keeps out weather, insects and leaves. We also carry CapMaster®, an aesthetically-pleasing, unobtrusive design that adds color and softens the look of vent pipes.

Our full range of Mid-America exhaust vent products takes into account both optimum exhaust airflow and optimum aesthetics, meeting needs for new construction and remodeling.


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