Manufacturer’s Eligible for Tax Credit

The following is a list of manufacturers eligible for Energy Federal Tax Credits. Each category has it’s own set of criteria that must be met by the manufacturer in order to meet the federal standards. As manufacturers work diligently to make their products eligible, we will make our best effort to keep this page up-to-date. These links will take you to our on-line product guide, where you will find detailed information about the manufacturers tax credit eligibility. Each brochure will have “Smartlinks” that will take you directly to the manufacturers information. Ultimately, the manufacturer must certify that their product meets the standards.

To learn more, read “Understanding the Tax Credits”.

Siding & Exterior Trim
Windows & Skylights

This page on tax credit information is presented free of charge to provide general information on the new federal tax credit and is not intended to be an interpretation of eligibility for the tax credit. Please consult with a qualified tax advisor to discuss eligibility.

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