Located in Peekskill, New York, right along the Hudson River, Dain’s Lumber is one of the country’s oldest retail lumberyards, established in 1848. And it’s been continually owned and operated by our family ever since, without ever closing our doors for business.

Our great-great-grandfather, Nathaniel Dain, started this lumber company because he saw an opportunity — an opportunity to make a stable living for his family and an opportunity to help his community. He committed himself to providing the highest quality lumber available along with unlimited advice and expertise. He built this company on the pillars of unparalleled quality and personal service. That’s what made his company take off, stand out, and continue to grow throughout the years.

In the first decades of the lumber business, things were a little different. Deliveries to construction sites were done by horse, wagon, and even by river in the company-owned schooner “Annie.” Of course, a lot has changed since then. Through all of the economic struggles during the Civil War, the Great Depression, and even the most recent Recession, our commitment to providing our customers with the best building materials, no matter what it takes, has stayed the same.

Today, Jeffrey Dain is the fifth-generation Dain to head up the business. He operates Dain's Lumber with the help of his children, training that sixth generation to take the reins someday. And every day, we will continue to open the lumberyard with the same mission in mind that Nathaniel Dain started over 170 years ago.

Lumber yard Peekskill, NY


Our product offerings have changed since the 19th century. Back in the day, our sales mostly consisted of heavy lumber and timber, cement, and lime. Today, our product offerings are a little more diverse. We now offer nearly every lumber and building material product, including doors, siding, mouldings, composite, vinyl and wood decking, windows, drywall, and even a complete contractor hardware store that offers power and hand tools.

We’ve also continued to expand our services. We’ve added two showrooms to our retail area so customers can see products off the shelf and in their elements. And, most recently, we added our very own sawmill. Now, we can take locally sourced, reclaimed wood and create beautiful slabs and one-of-a-kind pieces for our customers.


Every generation of our family has grown up in the lumber business. And we love that we get to share our passion with our customers every day. But, most of all, we take the Dain’s Lumber legacy of quality, expertise, service, and craftsmanship very seriously. When you come to us, you know you’re getting over 170 years’ worth of history behind every product, piece of advice, and interaction you receive.

Your family has been serving Peekskill and the surrounding areas with the highest quality craftsmanship in the lumber business for generations. I salute you for keeping the business au courant and up to date. Congratulations!
— Barbara B, Facebook