Cash Account

Opening a cash account at Dain’s will provide a “pay as you go” account. Contractors and builders will find this especially helpful in managing their jobs and contracts. This type of account has the following benefits:

  • Ability to track history

  • Create separate jobs under account for accurate reporting and accounting

  • Eligible for discounts

  • All invoices emailed when purchased

  • Assign authorized purchasers on account

Credit Account

We offer in-house charge accounts (upon qualification) for fast and convenient service. An in-house charge account will enable the professional contractor to make regular transactions, as well as any authorized purchaser, without the hassle of presenting company checks or credit cards. Other benefits include:

  • Ability to create jobs on the account for all projects

  • Ability to track history

  • Email, fax, or USPS delivery of invoices and monthly statements

  • Eligible for discounts


Email for information and forms.

Terms and conditions do apply.