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Cedar shakes and shingles

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Using cedar as a material for a home’s exterior creates a distinct, rustic, highly sought-after look. We offer both cedar shakes and cedar shingles. Used mainly for roofs, the cedar shakes are hand-cut, making each piece unique. That’s what makes a cedar shake roof look so perfectly imperfect and undeniably rustic. The cedar shingles still create that same style, but in a more uniform manner. Each piece has a consistent and even thickness, and therefore can be used for roofing and siding. 

What a lovely, friendly place. I just needed one small item, and everyone in the store was so helpful even though it was in the middle of their deck show. They had free hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone to boot. It is the go-to place for hardware, wood, and advice on how to do a job.
— Marilyn Elie, Facebook

Cedar Shakes & Shingles

16” 18” 24”
Hand Splits – Mediums 5 Bundles/Square at 10” exposure
Hand Splits – Heavies 5 Bundles/Square at 10” exposure
Barn Shakes – Non-tapered 4 Bundles/Square at 14” exposure
#1 Red Cedar Perfections 4 Bundles/Square at 5-1/2” exposure
#1 Red Cedar Royals 4 Bundles/Square at 7-1/2” exposure
White Cedar Extras 4 Bundles/Square at 5” exposure
Rejointed & Rebutted (R&R) – Sanded Natural ½ Square/Box at 14” exposure
Rejointed & Rebutted (R&R) – Sanded Primed ½ Square/Box at 14” exposure
Undercourse White Cedar By the Bundle

For Contractors and Architects

The Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau is an excellent source for information specifically on Cedar Shakes and Shingles. Access it here →

The Western Red Cedar Lumber Association (WRCLA) has strived to make its cedar as user-friendly as possible by producing quality products to uniform standards and by providing the construction industry with the information it needs on WRCLA cedar products, their specification, and proper use.

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