Flooring & Steeping

We offer a large variety of Plank or Strip flooring in hardwood and softwood, laminate, and vinyl in a full range of wood species, grades, and finishes to match your project’s needs. From a range of colors to match the home’s interior style to the various benefits of each wood type, there’s much to consider — so our experienced salesmen are always there to help you find the perfect flooring and stepping materials. From time to time, lots of milled flooring are available for sale, while the custom milling of specialty flooring in a range of wood species is always available by special order. Check out The Mill at Dain’s Lumber for more information.

We stock the following:

2-1/4” Select Red Oak Flooring unfinished
1x4 C&BTR Yellow Pine Flooring
1x6 C&BTR Yellow Pine Flooring
1x6 C&BTR Yellow Pine Flooring
1x8 C&BTR Yellow Pine Flooring
5/4x4 C&BTR Yellow Pine Flooring
5/4x12 Stepping in Red Oak, Yellow Pine, Pressure Treated and Mahogany
Best lumber yard around!! With quality materials and excellent staff that treats you like family!!
— Tino Di Paterio, Facebook